Building a Blog

Jan 2

After reading a great article online, I realised starting a blog would be a good idea. I've been though this before, but with little success.

This time around, I decided to use Middleman as I'd had good reviews.

The current state of this blog is from two tutorials, Thoughtbot have an intro to Middleman with their Compass frameworks for styling, which is where this blog currently stands.

I needed to correct a few things:

  1. All middleman plug-ins (like livereload) need to be at the base of the Gemfile, and not within a group
  2. The [nav/footer] partials have incorrect file names in their headers (add partial/ to it).
  3. Don't delete an S3 bucket and expect to remake it with the same name immediately in a different region. This process is slow, I couldn't remake the bucket for almost an hour as it was throwing an error (A conflicting conditional operation is currently in progress against this resource. Please try again).

To get it to the internet this site is hosted via S3 and uploaded with the AWS tools through instructions found here.